New Space: RF front-end for the Flexible Microwave Payload-2

Balamis – Microwave Sensors and Electronics develops the RF frond-end for the Flexible Microwave PayLoad-2 (FMPL-2), the main payload of 3Cat-5/A satellite. FMPL-2 is a novel payload based on a software defined radio acting as L-band radiometer and GNSS-Reflectometer.

The RF front-end will be used on-board the Technical University of Catalonia FSSCat nanosatellite mission. FSSCat is an innovative mission consisting of two 6U CubeSats (3Cat-5/A and 3Cat-5/B) embarking a suite of RF and optical scientific and technology demonstrator payloads, enhanced with an Artificial Intelligence board (PhiSat-1) for Cloud Detection.

Once launched and operated in orbit, FSSCat mission has proven to be able to recover soil moisture and sea ice thickness using its combined L-band radiometer and GNSS-Reflectometer payloads.

RAW data of the measurements retrieved over the Arctic (credits: UPC – NanoSat Lab)

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