Multi-frequency GBSAR


MWSE Multi-frequency GBSAR is a flexible Ground-Based Synthetic Aperture Radar for slope stability and structures monitoring. It targets customers and researchers who have to deal with complex stability studies where vegetation or snow cover difficult proper measurements. The use of multiple frequency bands assists the compensation of atmospheric artifacts, vegetation and/or snow cover and moisture presence.

It is also an optimal tool for ground truth and preparation of future satellite mission providing hyper-temporal multi-band data of current and future space-borne SAR systems.


  • Variable microwave penetration depth
  • Differentiation of different target contribution (soil, vegetation cover, snow)
  • Constant monitoring fully autonomous
  • Displacement measurement by remote sensing
  • Long range measurement, up to 4 km
  • Compatible with most common GIS software


Civil engineering and mining

  • Tailing dam monitoring
  • Slope stability
  • Structural monitoring

Agriculture and environment

  • Geohazard prevention
  • Support and validation of forestry and soil moisture models


  • Earth Observation: near ground truth for satellite data

Main technical specifications

BandFrequencyBandwidthRange resolutionAzimuth resolution @1 km
X9.6 GHz200 MHz0.75 m7.8 m
C5.4 GHz200 MHz0.75 m13.8 m
S3.2 GHz160 MHz0.93 m23.4 m
L1.27 GHz160 MHz0.93 m59 m
P0.45 GHz80 MHz1.87 m172 m
Ku*17.2 GHz200 MHz0.75 m4.4 m
* Ku bands are available upon request. They are added by replacing P-band. In case you need other configurations, please contact us.

Adquisition time

On-The-Fly operation mode
  • 10 s per frequency
  • 2 min for all four frequencies
Stop and Go operation mode
  • 3 min per frequency
  • 15 min for all four frequencies

Output power

  • 27 dBm

Aperture lengh

  • 2 m


  • 100k

Please note, single frequency GBSAR’s are also available. If it is of your interest, please contact us.

Measurement campaign example

Measurement campaign towards slope under vegetation cover. Radar location: Subirats Castle, Barcelona.

View of the target
Amplitude measurement
Magnitude coherence
Phase coherence