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What we do

Development of microwave payloads for nano-satellites

MWSE has vast experience in designing low cost nano-satellite payloads. Flight heritage included!

planet-saturn-spacehi-rel electronics design FOR SPACE APPLICATIONS

Shielded designs, IPC Class 3 manufacturing, EMI and radiation tolerant payloads, High reliability and redundancy

industrial and rugged electronics design

Electronics designed and manufactured for continuous industrial use and abuse.

custom electronics and ground systems

MWSE can also provide or co-design the ground support systems for your campaign or mission.


Programming of embedded Linux SBC’s, RTOS systems and microcontrollers.

measurement campaigns support

MWSE does on-demand measurement campaigns with its radars and/or radiometers

Why choose us

We are the ones that will guide you to your success.

Years of experience

More than 20 years of experience combined with all our achievements.

Personal approach

MWSE does not want to become a mere supplier, at MWSE we would become a partner of your journey to your success.

Great TEAM

At MWSE we are a passionate team of young people. We love our job and the challenges associated with it!