Microwave electronics for harsh environments

Multi-frequency space payloads, radars and radiometers.

Custom electronics designs



Multi-frequency radars, microwave radiometers and GNSS reflectometers for ground and airborne platforms.

Low power microwave payloads: radiometers and GNSS reflectometers for small satellites.



Electronics design for space, industrial and research applications.

Support on surveying and ground measurement campaigns.

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Latest Projects

Galileo Space ReceivER (GASPER) for Horizon 2020 In-Orbit Demonstration and Validation (IOD/IOV)

The consortium lead by Elecnor Deimos with MWSE, ALTER Technology, Anywaves and the Università degli Studi di Padovahas been awarded the Galileo Space ReceivER (GASPER) for Horizon 2020 In-Orbit Demonstration and Validation (IOD/IOV) 🚀. The Consortium will develop a low cost NewSpace Galileo enabled receiver on the IOD/IOV carrier in order to fulfill the following…

New Space: RF front-end for the Flexible Microwave Payload-2

Balamis – Microwave Sensors and Electronics develops the RF frond-end for the Flexible Microwave PayLoad-2 (FMPL-2), the main payload of 3Cat-5/A satellite. FMPL-2 is a novel payload based on a software defined radio acting as L-band radiometer and GNSS-Reflectometer. The RF front-end will be used on-board the Technical University of Catalonia FSSCat nanosatellite mission. FSSCat…

Refurbishment of HUTRAD 2.0 multifrequency radiometer for the MOSAiC Expedition

The one-year long MOSAiC campaign (http://www.mosaic-expedition.org) in the Central Arctic offers the unique opportunity to obtain comprehensive snow and sea ice measurements for a complete seasonal cycle together with a dedicated remote sensing program. The goal of the MOSAiC expedition is to take the closest look ever at the Arctic as the epicenter of global…

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